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awr report by hour

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simplest way to generate awr report by hour after benchmark
export awr


import awr


— make sure to set line size appropriately
— set linesize 152

generate awr

 set termout off
set linesize 80
set pagesize 10000
select 'spool awrrpt_dwhfrn_'|| snap_id ||'.html'|| chr(13)||
 'select output from table(dbms_workload_repository.awr_report_text('||dbid||',1,'||snap_id||','|| LEAD (snap_id, 1)  OVER (ORDER BY  dbid,snap_id ) ||',0));' || chr(13)||
 ' spool off '
 from dba_hist_snapshot where dbid !=1399642255 and extract( minute from begin_interval_time ) <2 ;

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